Audionamix Launch First Speech Volume Control (SVC) Plug-In


ADX Speech Volume Control (SVC) is the first plug-in on the market that allows independent volume level control over both separated speech and separated background elements within a mono or stereo mix. Lower the level of background noise or quickly boost dialogue levels to enhance the intelligibility of troublesome production audio recordings.

SVC is very easy to use. Its elegant interface and simple controls provide access to advanced separation algorithms and standard volume sliders. The brand new, integrated Consonants Detection algorithm automatically identifies, separates and controls difficult noisy consonants. Fully adjustable Pitch Range Sliders allow users to hone in on specific voice ranges, while the Speech Setting presets can be used to easily target typical male, female and child speech frequency ranges.

Product Features

  • Volume control of speech content up to +/- 12 dB
  • Volume control of background audio and effects up to +/- 12 dB
  • Speech-optimized separation algorithm
  • Automatic consonants detection algorithm
  • Automatic voice activity detection algorithm
  • Works with stereo and mono sources
  • Available in AAX, AU, VST formats
  • Windows and Mac Compatible

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