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The R FinTech Group aims the design, development, implementation, maintenance and promotion of financial tools and services based on new technologies.

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Symbol RFT
Indicative price 2.11
Change on price 0.00
Currency EUR

Company Updates

Formation of Rfintech US llc
Formation of Energy Securitization SA
Formation of R ENERGY BROKER Gmbh
R FinTECH launches bilur the first cryptocurrency backed up by stored energy
The new R FINTECH product - ABS based on stored oil has been listed on The Third Market (MTF) of Vienna Stock Exchange
ATMChain Foundation invests EUR 15m in RFintech
Notice of Annual General Meeting
Formation of Bilur North America
Presentation of BIlur Panax
Important agreement to develop Bilur Panax

Company Directors

Ignacio Ozcariz

His career spans several aerospace companies from “Construcciones Aeronauticas” (CASA) (now EADS), manager of the aerospace and defense practice of Andersen Consulting (now Accenture) Madrid office, advisor to the President of AENA and CEO of “Aena Servicios Aeronauticos SA”, both companies is the holding of the Spanish Airports. He was CEO of Recol Networks SA, Spanish leader in the provision of Internet Solutions to the Official Professional Associations in Spain. He was also President of Wireless & Satellite Networks, SA, Spanish company focused on the provision of wireless and satellite services that won in Washington 2003 the Computerworld Award prize, with its project “Zamora Hot City”, the first WiFi city in the world. During the last ten years, Ignacio has developed several companies in different sectors, mainly in the energy, financial sectors and the technologies of information and communications. He’s Aeronautical Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Madrid. MBA from Instituto de Empresa (IE),in Madrid and also has doctoral courses at the Polytechnic University of Madrid.


Luis Solé

Previous to Recol engagement, Luis was Director of Operations and Technology, in SantaClaraTech SL, a company that provides technical support to TELEFONICA clients using of LibreOffice. Luis was architect of communication systems that enables TELEFONICA and NEC (Aplicateca) managing LibreOffice support contracts, through web services. Luis was also Systems Manager of Hespen & Suarez, Taking responsibility for the design, implementation and management of information systems supporting the company to over 100 employees in six stores, factory, warehouse and Central Office. He was Co-founder of Wireless and Satellite Networks, a company that in 2001 created the first municipal WiFi network, Afitel, in the city of Zamora, Being awarded with the "Computer World Honors Award" in 2003, Responsible for design, development / installation and maintenance of wireless networks (WiFi, WiMAX) carrying out projects and studies In Sapin and Peru. Luis was Managing Director of ALKHAID SOLUTIONS, SA. Company that created the first professional Internet portal, RECOL. From 1992 to 1996 he was Technical Director of Promacom AB, Sweden, and was previously CIO of TRADEMYL Ltd., since 1990. From 1983 to 1990, he served in positions of responsibility UPNOD AB, Sweden.


Company Financials

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Memorandum of Association

Latest Trades

Price Volume
2.11 EURO 47,187
2.11 EURO 47,187
2.11 EURO 47,187
2.11 EURO 47,187
2.11 EURO 47,187
2.11 EURO 89,725
2.11 EURO 87,996
2.11 Euro 1,000
2.11 EUR 601,783
2.00 Euro 500,000
2.00 Eur 10,000
2.00 Euro 25,000
2.00 Euro 25,000
2.00 Euro 15,000
2.00 Euro 10,000
2.00 Euro 375,000
2.00 Euro 375,000
2.00 Euro 7,500,000
2.00 Euro 30,000
2.00 Euro 10,000
1.25 EUR 812
1.25 EUR 500,000
1.25 EUR 9,009
1.25 Euro 600,000
1.25 Euro 800,000
1.25 Euro 1,000,000

Company Information

Company number 9551662
Par value 0.04 Eur
Class of security Common
Settlement type CREST
Registrar Intertrust
Dealing restrictions
Country of incorporation Europe
Status Live

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